74-year-old CEO of Japanese game company wins 2023 Abu Dhabi World Veterans Judo Championship  

Takato Yoshinari, CEO of Japanese game developer Success Corporation, has won the 2023 Judo Veteran’s World Championship in Abu Dhabi. Born in 1949, he is 74 years old this year. 

Success Corporation is a long-standing Tokyo-based game development company founded back in 1978 that continues to do contract development and sales of video games to this day. They have been involved in Beeworks Games’ Touch Detective series and the farm life simulator series Hitsuji Mura. 

Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura 

The 74-year-old CEO of the company, Takato Yoshinari, recently won the 2023 Abu Dhabi World Veterans Judo Championship. The international tournament gathers approximately 1,000 veteran judo athletes over the age of 30 from 62 countries around the world. It was held in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, from October 31 to November 3. 

Yoshinari competed in the -81kg category of the tournament. He defeated US competitor James Kinder to advance to the finals, where he won against the Netherlands representative Jos Wennekers and finally took first place by beating French competitor Benaouda Bouamra in the final match, winning the championship. 

Yoshinari is a Kodokan Judo 7th Dan. He has won the Japan Veterans Judo Championship 10 times in the past, and also won the World Veterans Judo Championship held in Italy in 2017. This year, at age 74, he’s proved himself again, all while performing the role of CEO at Success. 

This year, Success has been ambitiously developing their video game business, releasing a PS4/PC (Steam) version of Hakoniwa Bokujou Hitsuji Mura and the naval tower offense game Buccanyar. They also have an upcoming hamster-raising simulator planned for release on the Nintendo Switch on November 30. By the way, the company has an entire “hamster department” within its organization (Related article) The CEO, Yoshinari is an animal lover himself and has kept a chinchilla for years. 

Written by. Amber V based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-11-14 13:02 JST)


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