Female Japanese streamer hosts “Incel mixer party” with VIP viewing seats 

Controversial female live streamer Tanukana has announced that she will be hosting a real-life matchmaking/mixer event with the purpose of “helping incels find love.” Non-participants will be able to view the event by paying for “VIP seats.” Unsurprisingly, the bizarre and ethically dubious concept has been making the rounds on Japanese social media. 

Post translation: Applications for the Incel Mixer Party are open
Takes place on October 28 in Laffine, Akihabara
All you can drink + meal, incels completely free-of-charge
Assessment for both male and female participants

On September 10, ex-esports player Tanukana announced that she is accepting applications for her “Incel Mixer Party,” which will be held on October 28 in a restaurant in Akihabara, Japan. The event will basically be a matchmaking event between men who fit the description of a “jyakusha-dansei” (the Japanese equivalent to slang such as “incel” or “beta male”) and women who are willing to accept and love them, with the purpose of helping incels graduate from inceldom.  

Men who wish to participate have to apply and pass an “assessment” of whether and to what extent they fit the definition of an incel, which will be judged by Tanukana herself. The application form includes questions about the individual’s age, height, weight, yearly income and occupation, along with a free field where they are to describe the circumstances and experiences that make them an incel. The form includes examples of correctly inputted answers, such as “Age: 45, Height: 159cm, Weight: 100 kg, Yearly income: 0, Occupation: Unemployed.” 

On the other hand, women who wish to apply have to input only their age and explain their motivation for participating. Both male and female participants are asked whether or not they consent to appearing on Tanukana’s livestream. All participants who pass the assessment get the right to participate free of charge, free food and drinks included. 

Aside from the participants, viewers will also be able to attend the event by purchasing “VIP seats.” According to the event rules, those attending as viewers will be prohibited from making verbal or physical contact with any of the participants regardless of gender. 

Now, reactions to this immensely bizarre idea have been all over the place, with some self-identifying incels jumping for joy at the news, expressing their will to apply. On the other hand, as the news spread to a wider circle of the public, more and more people are expressing disapproval, even disgust with the concept, especially taking issue with the point that it will be exposed to an audience, making it all seem like a plan to put the participants on display as if they were lab rats or a circus attraction. On the other hand, those with a diabolical streak found this aspect of the event its most attractive point, finding themselves wanting to watch from afar.  

The organizer, Tanukana, has a history of controversy behind her, previously going up in flames for the statement that “men under the height of 170 cm don’t deserve human rights,” uttered during a livestream, which is why many believe her antics this time around are just another method to generate heat, although, with two businesses sponsoring the event, the “stunt” is quite elaborate.


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