Dark Souls toilet account unveils long-awaited Armored Core toilet 

The “dark souls toilet” X/Twitter account that curates the finest of Soulsborne toilet content has recently blessed the Armored Core fandom with their own Armored toilet. 

@darksoulstoilet is an X (formerly Twitter) account known for posting toilet pictures which emanate an energy reminiscent of various FromSoftware titles, such as the Dark Souls series. They have been keeping at their mission since February 2019, accumulating a significant gallery of cursed restrooms over the years. The account boasts over 170k followers as of this writing. 

One toilet picture that tickled our editorial team’s fancy was the Dark Sun Gwyndolin restroom, reminiscent of the fight against the Dark Souls boss Gwyndolin which takes place in a long corridor lined with pillars on either side. The numerous urinals reflect the monumental atmosphere of the pillars quite perfectly, and Gwyndolin’s health bar being displayed there kind of makes you want to run and hide behind one of them.  

Another detail worth noting in this post was the caption, which promised upcoming Armored Core toilet content, which, soon enough, was delivered. 

@darksoulstoilet’s Armored Core-themed “facility” has more of a Super Robot Wars vibe in its design, with an elegant white and gold color palette. The gold mech rises out of the toilet bowl, and its wing-like extremities wrap around you as you do your business. Despite how luxurious it all seems, there doesn’t appear to be a lid to the toilet bowl, and the water level inside seems to have risen dangerously tall. The combat mode activation displayed over the toilet contributes with a cursed energy characteristic of the account. At the same time, the creator seems to be receiving some backlash for dipping their toes into AI generated images, with users finding the lavatory not Armored Core enough. On the other hand, it has given birth to equally amusing titles such as the Gundam toilet and the Biblically accurate toilet. 

Out of @dakrsoulstoilet’s contributions so far, their Dark Souls-like lavatories are especially popular, such as The Dreg Heap toilet, above, referencing an area in Dark Souls 3, and the conjoined toilets seen below, reminiscent of the brothers prince Lorian and Prince Lothric. 

Not limited to the Dark Souls series, the account also features other FromSoftware titles in their toilet content, such as this Elden Ring toilet and this rather unnerving Bloodborne toilet. But this time around, they decided to celebrate the long-awaited new addition to the Armored Core series. 

Written by. Amber V based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-09-09 12:18 JST)


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