Japanese parents find unexpected use of Nintendo’s Pikmin 

A heartwarming tweet by a Japanese mother has recently been gathering attention from users. The mother describes how she made clever use of Nintendo’s Pikmin to make her son behave while outside. Users found the story both adorable and useful. 

Tweet translation: My 4-year-old son always tries to wander off when we go shopping, so I told him, “you’re a Pikmin, and mommy is that one that the Pikmin follow around.” It worked so well. He follows my steps perfectly while squeaking like a Pikmin. Thank you, Nintendo, this one’s going to work for a while. 

In the Pikmin video game series, the player, playing as the protagonist Captain Olimar, leads a horde of tiny plant-like creatures called Pikmin and directs them to perform tasks in order to explore the environment and collect items needed to clear missions. The tiny Pikmin have special powers depending on their type and it is their nature to follow behind the player’s steps and loyally carry out their tasks. They are weak creatures in principle, so their safety depends on the player’s decision-making. 

The clever Japanese mother used the concept of the game to make her 4-year-old as obedient as a Pikmin, eager to follow her and no longer likely to wander off while she concentrates on the shopping. The strategy worked like a charm, and the mother had Nintendo to thank for her child being well-behaved and safe from the dangers of wandering off alone. 

The tweet has since received over 87.7k likes, with many mentioning using the same tactic, and others being excited to newly try it out on their own restless kids. The Pikmin approach can apparently also make kids more eager to do simple tasks for their parents. 

Tweet translation: Same here 💖My son in middle school and daughter in grade school love Pikmin, so when I imitate blowing a whistle while shopping, they come to me and gather round. They also want to carry toilet paper and other stuff like little Pikmin. I’m so thankful to Nintendo😆. 

The mother was praised for her creative child-rearing skills, but the story also tells of how thoroughly the game succeeded in capturing the heart of the 4-year-old, likely stimulating curiosity and admiration in abundance. 

The latest title in the Pikmin series, Pikmin 4, is scheduled for release on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch.



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