You can use Tears of the Kingdom’s Portable Pot as quality vehicle suspension  

The Portable Pot Zonai Device in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been attracting attention after players discovered a new and unexpected way to use it. The pots can be used to create versatile vehicles that can easily cross any kind of rugged terrain.  

Tears of the Kingdom, the latest title in the Zelda series, introduces a number of new abilities, one of which is Ultrahand, the ability most players are likely to obtain first. Ultrahand allows you to lift and move objects from the field and attach them together in any orientation. A contraption made in this way can be further given power and various other functions by using Zonai Devices, items left behind by the Zonai civilization. 

The Portable Pot is a disposable Zonai Device that consists of a cooking pot and stove that can be set up in almost any location. The device allows you to cook food using your favorite ingredients. While useful, the fact that it is a single-use device means it can often feel like a waste, and some players rarely use it. However, it has been discovered that this unassuming pot carries hidden potential. 

The new use for the pot that has been found has nothing to do with cooking—it’s instead being employed as a surprisingly useful vehicle part. A user on Reddit posted a video that shows Link riding a bike that was built using a Portable Pot. 

The bike in the video is of relatively simple design. It consists of the following Zonai Devices: a Portable Pot, Steering Stick, Stabilizer, and two Small Wheels. Though simple, the bike is able to easily traverse rocky areas and hilly terrain. Especially impressive is the way it handles the rocky slope at the 20 second mark of the video. The flexibility of the bike allows the two wheels to adjust and stay aligned on the path, thereby avoiding a crash.   

So how does the Portable Pot enable the bike to achieve this kind of performance? The pot part and the stove part of the device are neither completely attached nor completely separate, meaning that when dealt a blow or faced with an impact, the pot shifts out of place but does not detach from the stove. In the context of a vehicle, this phenomenon can provide shock absorption and increase the traction of the wheels. In other words, the Portable Pot acts as the vehicle’s suspension. In the bike that we mentioned previously, the pot is placed upside down and attached directly below the Steering Stick, and it serves to connect the seat to the two wheels. Many players have found the pot to do an excellent job as a suspension system, and it has grabbed a lot of attention on social media.  

As an aside, the Portable Pot has another convenient use which involves using cooking to instantly refill all your Energy Cells (Related article). One approach to traveling through the lands of Hyrule could be to use a vehicle with Portable Pot suspension and then use another Portable Pot whenever you need to recover your Energy Cells. While the pot only seems useful for cooking at first glance, it’s starting to become quite a popular Zonai Device thanks to its other applications.  

Players have found all kinds of surprising hidden uses for items in Tears of the Kingdom. Another recently discovered example is using Icy Meat to Shield Surf. Pairing abilities such as Ultrahand and Fuse with some flexible thinking can result in rather amazing discoveries. We look forward to seeing what other kind of inventions players come up with in the future. 

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-05-30 13:31 JST)


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