FFXIV bug causes Warrior’s Shake It Off to heal absurd amount of HP

[Update 2023/01/24 16:50 JST]
The issue with the Shake It Off ability mentioned in this article will be fixed in patch 6.31.

[Original Text: 2023/01/16 20:56 JST]
A strange bug has been discovered in Final Fantasy XIV that causes the Warrior’s Shake It Off ability to heal a ludicrous amount of HP, and it has become a hot topic on the game’s official forums, Reddit, and Twitter. The game’s development team has confirmed the issue and is currently investigating and working to address it.

Shake It Off is an ability that heals the HP of the user and all nearby party members in addition to placing a barrier around them and gradually restoring HP over time. If the user is under the effect of the Thrill of Battle, Vengeance, or Bloodwhetting buffs, these effects will be dispelled, and the barrier provided by Shake It Off will absorb an even greater amount of damage.

When at level 90, Shake It Off will generally restore around 4,000 to 6,000 HP. However, due to the bug, if Shake It Off is used after Bloodwhetting or Thrill of Battle, then it can sometimes heal for millions. The investigations of various players have shown that if the amount of HP being restored reaches 8 digits, then it causes the value to overflow and results in 0 HP being restored.

This is not the first time that a strange bug has affected one of the Warrior’s abilities. In the Heavensward expansion, released in June 2015, the Warrior received a new ability called Raw Intuition, which parried all physical attacks taken from the front while causing attacks taken from the flank or rear to be critical. However, for some strange reason this effect also applied to healing. This resulted in players coming up with a number of strategies to take advantage of the bug, like using the Scholars using Adloquium to hit Warriors from behind. (Adloquium is an ability that heals HP and adds a barrier to the target. If the HP restored is critical, the effect of the barrier is doubled.)

As an aside, Shake It Off used to be an ability that removes detrimental status effects that the user was suffering from—this is where the ability draws its name.

Based on what players have been able to work out, it appears that the Shake It Off bug only occurs when the player is solo. Thus, it is not expected to have that big of an effect on raids. On the other hand, use of this bug may result in players possibly being punished or banned, so we recommend against using it to complete challenges. As mentioned earlier in the article, the development team is currently working to fix this issue.

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Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-01-16 17:07 JST)