Tower of Fantasy is recruiting Localization Specialists but draws concerns over compensation

Level Infinite has released a new Dev’s Report for their free-to-play open world RPG Tower of Fantasy on October 19. The report introduces content in the Ver.2.0 and includes a notice regarding their initiative to improve the game’s localization via a “Localization Specialist” program. However, Twitter users have been quick to express their concerns regarding said program.

We are looking for Localization Specialists!
Despite how much we would like to improve our localization qualities, we know we still have a lot to work on. Thus, we will be launching the “Localization Specialist” program to enlist players to help us optimize our localization quality (of course, your contribution will be properly compensated with in-game rewards). Please stay tuned for more detail a couple of days after the launch of the 2.0 version.

Among the reactions are those wondering if it’s appropriate to entrust translation quality to players. Some are also expressing concern that the company is trying to pass a job that should be sufficiently paid for to players for some in-game currency instead.

In a reply to the above tweet, one person points out, “they want to check their localization for quality, essentially LQA.” Others in the fields of translation and quality assurance can also be seen sharing their opinions on the matter.

It’s certainly a questionable move if their intent is to leave improving the quality of Tower of Fantasy’s localization solely to players. Especially when you consider that they’re using the term Localization Specialist, which sounds more like a job deserving of a paycheck than a task to be compensated for with in-game currency.

The program aims “to enlist players to help us optimize our localization quality.” Judging from that, it sounds like an incentive system for reporting translation errors. With that being said, both the English and Japanese versions of the game have enough translation and text errors that it’s become a topical discussion among players. To players that feel the current translation quality is low, seeing a program that puts improving it into the hands of players may feel like they’re just passing off responsibility of the issue.

It’s not rare to see global live service games solicit help in finding translation errors, and there are numerous cases of small development studios relying on volunteer translators to translate their games into other languages. However, Level Infinite is a publishing brand of Tencent Games, a large corporation with circumstances that are quite different from small-scale studios. This is likely another point of contention for players.

At any rate, the update includes the statement, “Please stay tuned for more detail a couple of days after the launch of the 2.0 version,” so more information about the program looks to be on the way.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-10-22 12:40 JST)