Japanese game dev releases 5 free games to Steam developed by their new employees

Byking has released 5 free games to Steam from the company’s BykingRooKIES brand. Byking is a game developer in Japan known for their involvement with titles like My Hero One’s Justice. The 5 free games they recently released were developed by new employees at the company as a part of their introductory training. There’s a lot of variety within the lineup as well from robot action to a side-scrolling platformer starring a witch.

CustomBullet (Steam store page)

Ignite (Steam store page)

Reilla ~Sweets Adventure~ (Steam store page)

Toynip (Steam store page)

RuNOuT (Steam store page)

Byking is a game company that was founded in 2008 by former Capcom developer Shinichirou Obata. They were involved in the development of titles like Gunslinger Stratos before putting their experience to further use when making their publishing debut in 2016. They’ve since gone on to release their own titles such as Abyss Memory Fallen Angel and the Path of Magic.

Each year, the company divides their new employees into teams to develop their own original games for the final stages of their training. The company’s BykingRooKIES brand was created for releasing these games. To be released, the promotional videos and video interviews with the developers for a game need to receive at least 5,000 views or the game must get at least 100 likes. With this year’s batch of games, it looks like all of them met these requirements.

Just as a final note, each of these games requires a controller to play. Also keep in mind that CustomBullet, Toynip, and RuNOuT are exclusively local multiplayer games.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-10-04 19:07 JST)

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