Genshin Impact player climbs to the top of Sumeru’s giant pyramid by force

Genshin Impact’s Ver.3.1 update was recently released and adds a load of new content to the game. Players can embark on a new journey to the Great Red Sand, a desert subregion in the southwest of Sumeru. Within this desert lies a giant pyramid, and some travelers including a player in Japan named Magurohead have managed to forcibly climb along the outer wall to the very top.

Generally, players will visit the pyramid shaped ruins known as The Mausoleum of King Deshret during certain quests and reach the top by completing them. However, many who see large structures often develop the desire to climb them, and there are some players who have attempted to climb the outer wall of the pyramid by force rather than taking the proper route.

The process of climbing to the top along the outside of the pyramid can be broadly separated into three sections. First up is the pyramid shaped structure that is located on the ground. The way to tackle this section is simply to climb it normally. Although there are some steep inclines, everything can be climbed on foot using basic actions.

Second is the octahedron shaped section in the middle that floats above the lower pyramid. This is where the difficulty starts to ramp up. As this structure is floating, it needs to be reached by traveling through the air, but basic actions like jumping and gliding won’t bring you high enough. You need to make use of the Elemental Skills possessed by certain characters to force yourself higher into the air. Once you have gained enough height, you can glide toward the structure and look for a place that can be grabbed onto.

Screenshots taken from Magurohead’s YouTube video “Climb to the top of the pyramid by force.”

Last is the inverted pyramid structure that floats above the middle section. This portion is huge and there are no clearly visible ways that could be used to climb it. However, Magurohead, a player who successfully climbed to the top, made use of Portable Waypoints as a way to “save” their progress while searching for ways to climb ever higher.

Magurohead had reached the point right before the summit, but this is where the most difficult obstacle was lying in wait: a wide ledge that surrounds the pyramid’s summit. There is generally no way to grab onto ceilings in Genshin Impact and attempts to jump or glide to the side of the ledge fell short.

It looked like reaching the top was impossible after all, but that’s when Magurohead used the earth Elemental Skills of Zhongli and the earth element Traveler to create pillars that extend down from underneath the ledge. These pillars served as extra points that could be grabbed onto in order to get closer to the side of the ledge. After a great deal of trial and error, the six-hour challenge came to an end, and Magurohead was successful in their attempt at taking an alternate route to the top of the pyramid.

We spoke to Magurohead and asked them what the most difficult part of the climb was. As one might expect, their answer was the inverted pyramid structure. Most of the climb was edited out of the video, but it seems that fumbling around and trying to find a way to progress was incredibly tough, as the steep inclines meant that there were limited places that could be used to climb.

Magurohead completed the challenge on the same day that the new update was released. There was obviously no information about climbing the pyramid floating around online, so they had to search for viable routes completely on their own, something that was very mentally taxing.

When asked how they felt upon reaching the top, Magurohead replied that although they were happy, about 60% of what they felt was relief. Midway through the climb, they began to grow impatient and started to wonder if it was even possible to reach the top and whether or not the attempt was nothing more than a waste of time.

However, Magurohead had a strange feeling that HoYoverse would have created some spots that could be grabbed onto along the way, and that it was designed so that players could climb it. This inexplicable faith was what led them to the top.

When asked what the secret to climbing the pyramid was, Magurohead said that it was vital to have characters that could force their way up the structure, such as the earth element Traveler, Zhongli, Venti, and Kaedehara Kazuha. They believe that the climb may be impossible without these characters.

Climbing the pyramid seems like it requires an almost extraordinary level of patience, but if you have the necessary characters, why not give the challenge a try?

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-30 18:51 JST)