Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak adds Goocoo (Gu-Ku) Plush, and passionate fans are overjoyed

Capcom has released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s free Title Update 2, which adds new monsters alongside a wealth of other content. Among the new additions is the appearance of Goocoo, a duck whose return was prayed for by one player with an almost insane level of dedication. This player was left speechless when learning that his wish had finally been granted.

The Goocoo weapon and armor sets in Monster Hunter Frontier G

Free Title Update 2 adds Flaming Espinas, a monster that previously only appeared in Monster Hunter Frontier Z. Service for Monster Hunter Frontier ended three years ago, so fans of the game are no doubt happy to see the monster’s return. And there is one more character from Frontier that has reappeared as part of this new update: the duck-like creature Goocoo.

Goocoo was a pet creature similar to Cohoot in Monster Hunter Rise. It was beloved by many hunters as a kind of mascot character. However, Goocoo is not appearing in Sunbreak in its original form; it instead appears as Goocoo Plush, a trinket that can be won through the Lottery at the Market. Even so, fans are overjoyed to see their favorite duck in the game.

But there’s one hunter who wished for the return of Goocoo more than anyone else: the streamer known as Ceph0rend or Ceph. Ceph took on an almost crazy challenge all in the hopes of being given the chance to once again meet Goocoo in-game. His love for Goocoo gathered a great deal of attention from the fan community (related article).

The challenge, which he completed in 2021, consisted of crafting and upgrading 1,000 Origami Axe weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. In Japanese legend, a person who folds 1,000 paper cranes is granted a wish. Ceph performed the in-game equivalent of “folding” 1,000 Origami Axes, all in the hope of bringing back Goocoo.

That wish was finally granted by the new update, and Ceph quickly took to Twitter, posting, “This day of our lord I have finally made my mark in my favorite series.” It’s unknown whether his prayers truly reached the development team or if Goocoo was something that was already planned to be added to the game at some point. Though, it would make for a touching story if the developers truly did add Goocoo in order to grant Ceph’s wish.  

You can actually listen to the exact moment that Ceph found out about Goocoo’s addition by watching the Twitch stream below. He had begun streaming the game as soon as the new update had come out, and midway through, learned that Goocoo had been added via a post made on social media by another player. He exclaimed, “Oh my god!” before bringing an image of Goocoo up on screen and being left speechless for a time. He then expressed how happy he was to leave his mark on the game.

*You can hear Ceph expressing his excitement beginning at 2:01:00 in the video.

The player whose post was shared by Ceph is apparently also a big fan of Goocoo and was looking forward to meeting the duck again. You can even see posts here and there from many other Goocoo fans as well.

It has been around 1,000 days since service for Monster Hunter Frontier ended, meaning that players had been unable to spend time with their beloved Goocoo. But the wish made on 1,000 Origami Axes has seemingly been granted and anyone playing Sunbreak can once again enjoy the company of their favorite duck.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-29 16:57 JST)