Sunsoft brings back a kusoge legend by announcing Ikki Unite for Steam

A roguelike action game with online co-op for up to 16 players

Sunsoft is currently developing roguelike action game Ikki Unite. The official website and Steam store page for the game have both been opened, and the game is scheduled to release in 2022.

Ikki Unite is a new title based on the action-shooting game Ikki, which was first released on arcade in 1985 and later ported to a number of consoles including the Famicom. The original game involves peasant farmers who stage an uprising (a concept known as ikki in Japanese). The protagonist of the game is a farmer who fights back against the oppression carried out by the wicked local governor. A range of enemies such as ninjas await the hero in each stage, and he fights them by throwing a sickle. The game was also known at the time for being deemed a kusoge (crap game) by illustrator Jun Miura.

The new title also focuses on a peasant uprising. The village should have enjoyed a bountiful harvest but was instead brought to the brink of a crisis due to an outbreak of locusts, and yet the government officials still came to collect taxes. In order to protect their village, the farmers revolt and take back their rice. Sunsoft released a comment about the new game, saying, “You can’t riot with just one or two people! The legendary ‘bad game’ that once had people scoffing is back, and this time it’s time to unite!”

Players will team up to defeat enemies and collect items while avoiding a wave of enemy bullets as they head toward the Daikan Yashiki. Some of the enemies that have been shown include monkeys, frogs, and locusts, and it appears that there are times when they attack in large swarms. There are various weapons to use such as a sickle, hoe, club, and slingshot, and it will also be possible to upgrade weapons at a teahouse. The game has very simple controls and claims to be the “most casual of online co-op games.” The online co-op will support up to 16 players.

The Steam page for Ikki Unite can be found here. Sunsoft will also be revealing more information on their upcoming titles during a live stream on their official YouTube channel which is being held on August 18 at 7 p.m. (PDT). This stream may provide further details on the newly announced Ikki Unite.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-08-17 17:04 JST)