Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Qurious Crafting failures draw attention on social media

In addition to adding Lucent Nargacuga and three other new monsters, the free Title Update 1 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also added new types of quests called Anomaly Investigations. Materials obtained from completing these quests enable you to perform Qurious Crafting. With this new system, you can improve a weapon’s stats, such as attack power and affinity, or you can randomize the functionality of armor, which either improves or worsens the armor’s defense, elemental resistances, and skills.

The misery that can result from randomizing your armor with Qurious Crafting is drawing attention on social media.

Tweet Translation:
It’s like leftover scraps lol

The above tweet was posted by YouTuber Matcha of Guncer. They attempted Qurious Crafting with the Golden Lunegreaves arms armor that can be obtained from Gold Rathian, one of the new monsters. The armor starts with a defense value of -12, and while that is improved to -1 after crafting, the armor’s ice resistance drops to -3 and it also loses its Chain Crit skill. Qurious Crafting essentially just made the armor worse.

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot showing their own misfortune: their armor was completely stripped of its three skills. This post also received a lot of attention from other players. When Qurious Crafting results in a rare augment, a special red effect flashes around the section of the screen that displays the augmented status. But even when this effect occurs, there are still times when the crafting can be considered a failure, as shown by YouTuber Onibon:

Tweet Translation:
I got the “big success” effect, but can you really call this a success?

Past Monster Hunter titles have also included various equipment that came with random abilities, so the concept of these armor “duds” is not particularly noteworthy. However, a crafting system that can actually weaken your existing gear is something unusual for the series. Qurious Crafting requires in-game currency as well as materials collected through great effort, so maybe it’s attracting so much attention because the process ending in a negative result is considered illogical in the minds of many players.

It is important to note that the status changes granted by Qurious Crafting are not cumulative. This means that even if things go badly the first time, you can perform the process again and may obtain a more desirable set of augments. It is also possible to decide against performing detrimental changes and instead keep the armor in its current state. While you don’t get back your currency and materials, you at least aren’t forced into accepting negative changes.

Despite the new system causing a great deal of despair, there have also been players who have shared their great successes on Twitter. There are many examples of players gaining powerful skills, such as Chain Crit and Weakness Exploit, along with additional armor slots. This shows that there can be merit in persevering with Qurious Crafting, even if it produces a lot of mishaps.

In terms of the game’s world, Qurious Crafting is a technology that was born from the dangerous and enigmatic afflicted monsters. This may explain why the process is so difficult to control and can produce such unexpected—and undesirable—results.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-08-16 16:30 JST)