Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s latest update brings back a skill from Frontier

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-08-10 17:40 JST)

Capcom has released the free Title Update 1 for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, which adds four new types of monsters. A skill found on the armor set of one of these monsters, Lucent Nargacuga, is drawing quite a bit of notice in Japan.

Just like in previous Monster Hunter titles, each piece of an armor set in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak possesses different skills. The effect granted by a skill is dependent on its level, a system that is also present in Monster Hunter: World. There are a wide variety of skills, ranging from series staples to brand-new ones that debuted as part of Sunbreak.

The armor sets of the monsters being added in Title Update 1 also come with some new skills. One of the skills that is grabbing the attention of players is the Adrenaline Rush skill that is found on Lucent Nargacuga’s Lambent armor set. The skill provides a temporary attack boost after the player performs a perfectly-timed evade just as a monster attacks. It works especially well on the Lambent Wristrays Arms Armor, which also includes the Evade Window skill. Combining firepower with survivability, it makes for a rather nifty piece of equipment.

But it’s not just the skill’s effect that has people interested. Adrenaline Rush is actually the revival of a skill from Monster Hunter Frontier. It provided the same effect in that game as it does in Sunbreak and was a particularly useful skill for taking on monsters that frequently perform combo attacks.

Many hunters who played Frontier were hit by a wave of nostalgia when the skill was brought back in the latest Sunbreak update. Searching for フロンティア (Frontier in Japanese) on Twitter shows a handful of players who are overjoyed after being reunited with the skill, at least at the time of writing this article. As Sunbreak has also reintroduced the monster Espinas and the Azure Layered armor set, it now has three elements that originated in Frontier.

Monster Hunter Frontier is considered a spin-off title that takes place in a different setting to that of the main series, but it appears as though Sunbreak is actively trying to break down the barrier between their respective worlds by incorporating elements from Frontier. Hunters can only speculate on what other surprise revivals may be on the horizon.