Furry fighting game Mofu Mofu Sensen was developed by a single person using SmileBASIC

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-06-13 22:30 JST)

Japanese game developer BURNSOUCOU has announced that Mofu Mofu Sensen will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 16 (JST) for 700 yen (around $5).

Mofu Mofu Sensen is a fighting game that features battles between cute yet powerful furry characters. The game is set on a continent that was once home to a prosperous civilization, but a sudden large-scale explosion wiped out most of the inhabitants. Those species that barely managed to survive underwent repeated convergent evolution, eventually changing into anthropomorphic animals.

Each of these animals acquired unique abilities as they adapted to the environments in which they lived. Differing groups believed that their own powers reigned supreme, leading to exhilarating battles between them. These fierce fights were the embodiment of the virtue that was etched into the subconscious of each animal. Eventually, the battles began to engulf the entire world.

The combat system features five basic attacks, including weak, medium, and strong attacks, and each character has five special attacks that can be performed by inputting corresponding commands. It is also possible to change the settings to increase the length of the input buffer, making it easier to perform moves.

The game features the unique Auto Advancing Guard (AAG) system which causes the distance between opponents to be automatically adjusted when an attack is guarded. This system helps prevent any monotony in the spacing of the characters and results in a greater emphasis on improvised tactics. It naturally creates a situation where you will be put at a disadvantage if you only defend and try to run away.

There are seven different playable characters, some of which can be seen fighting in the newly released footage and images. There are the petite characters Zig and Mappo, the gun wielding Siwon, the brawny Vankov, and more. Each has their own unique characteristics, such as Medy, who has a technique called “Saving” which allows her to recover health for a short period, and Dunker, who possesses an advanced guarding ability. Some characters even have the ability to dash or jump while in mid-air.

Playable game modes consist of one-on-one battles against the CPU, offline local multiplayer, a training mode, and more. Training mode includes a variety of different options, like a recording function and the ability to view hitboxes. Some of the other game settings that can be adjusted are the screen color saturation, background blur, and the look and design of the meters.

Mofu Mofu Sensen was first revealed in May during the INDIE Live Expo 2022 showcase, and although that trailer was quite short, it drew a great deal of attention from gamers due to the high-quality look of the game. However, there was next to no information regarding the game at that time, which led to some confusion for a lot of gamers (related article).

BURNSOUCOU, the developer of this title, began to release information on the game following the initial reveal, but the developer themselves remained a mystery. In this new batch of information for the game, the developer is described as “an individual with no education, no work experience, no qualifications, no licenses and no personal connections.” It seems that this is the first game that BURNSOUCOU has been involved with.

The game was developed using SmileBASIC 4, a programming tool available on the Nintendo Switch, and SmileBASIC, an older version of the same software available on the Nintendo 3DS, both of which use a variation of the BASIC programming language called SmileBASIC. The programming, graphics, sound, story, and even character voices were all created by a single person and were completed over a period of two and a half years.

A great deal of dedication went into the elaborately detailed pixel graphics that are used to depict the animal characters, as well as the animation of their movements, where careful attention was paid to each individual frame. According to the developer, the gameplay is simple but still maintains the fundamentals of the fighting game genre, allowing it to be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.

The official site for Mofu Mofu Sensen can be found here.