Furry fighting game Mofu Mofu Sensen gains attention in Japan but has gamers confused

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-23 17:20 JST)

Mofu Mofu Sensen, a game by Japanese developer BURNSOUCOU, was announced during the INDIE Live Expo 2022 showcase. It caught the attention of gamers in Japan but has left them confused since no information about the game can be found online, even though it’s planned for release sometime in May for the Nintendo Switch.

*The Mofu Mofu Sensen trailer begins at 3:53:30. It shows the title screen with what appears to be the English title of the game, Bad Fur War.

Mofu Mofu Sensen (which means “fluffy battlefront”) is a 2D fighting game that features furry characters, with a total of seven anthropomorphic animals appearing in the trailer. All of the characters are dressed in what is seemingly military attire, but each one also possesses their own individual characteristics. There are slim characters as well as brawny types, and they don’t all fight with hand-to-hand combat as some are seen wielding weapons.

The gameplay featured in the trailer shows a fight between the characters Zig and Mappo. It focuses on Zig’s attacks and shows him close in on his opponent with a leaping kick, followed by a low kick that he combos into a breakdance-like flare kick. He ends the combo with an exploding shoryuken-style special move.

Based on the display showing that the player gained 100 points for performing a “special cancel,” it seems clear that the last kick is cancelled into the special move. In addition, the gauge along the bottom of the screen may be some kind of special meter, as when the special move is activated, the kanji 獣 (beast) appears and one segment of the gauge is depleted.

At the very end of the trailer, we see two of the same character, Mappo, facing off, confirming that color variations exist for the characters. The preceding fight occurred on what looked like a battle ground, but this second area only contained a simple wall for a background. Based on the input display that can be seen at the bottom of the screen, it’s natural to conclude that this is the game’s training mode.

These images are screenshots taken from the INDIE Live Expo 2022 broadcast

The game appeared in the INDIE Waves segment of the INDIE Live Expo 2022 broadcast. This segment introduced a massive amount of different indie titles with each game getting around ten seconds of screen time. Even in only this very short amount of time, viewers were captivated by the high quality of the cute animal characters, created with detailed pixel graphics, and the full-blown fighting game gameplay. Comments such as “Fluffy” and “Furries rejoice!” flew about in the YouTube chat.

Viewers also posted their feelings about the game on social media. However, this also spread the confusion regarding the game. This is because although the game was announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch in May, in which only 8 days remain, not even a single bit of information about the game can be found on the internet. While the developer, BURNSOUCOU, does have an official website, you cannot find any information about the game even there, which is possibly because the site is still fairly new.

Meanwhile, BURNSOUCOU’s official Twitter account posted a tweet that says, “It looks like the time when people can finally play the game that I’ve made has come.” It also looks like the confusion of some viewers has reached the developer, as the account also posted tweets stating, “People seem to find me very suspicious,” and “That’s understandable. There is practically no information about me right now.”

As of right now, there are still no details about the game and the history of the developer is unknown. Of course, it is quite possible for a developer to appear out of nowhere and surprise people by releasing a game. From the reaction seen on social media, rather than finding the developer suspicious, it seems that people have actually become interested because of all the mysteries surrounding them.

The trailers for all games included in the INDIE Live Expo 2022 broadcast were submitted before April 8 of this year, so it could be possible that the game has been delayed without the developer having a chance to release this information.

AUTOMATON has contacted the developer directly to ask for more details regarding the game and will pass on this information if a response is received.