Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s technique called the Slingshot has players excited

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-05-09 16:53 JST)

Word of the “Slingshot” technique has been spreading around the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community.

The Slingshot is a technique that allows players to move while preserving their momentum. Let’s use a jump as an example. Normally, in order to create distance between your opponent, you would turn and move in the opposite direction. But with the Slingshot, you can perform a speedy retreat while still facing your opponent. While it appears that some players had already been making use of the technique, it’s now been given a name and being recognized by the broader community.

As for how it’s done, if you’re facing right and want to slingshot to the left, you would move the analog stick left, followed by a down-right and jump input (←➘jump). If done correctly, you will jump to the left while still facing your opponent. In summary, this gives players more options in terms of maneuvering and connecting combos. The technique can be used on the ground as well.

The Slingshot started spreading around the community because of a video by GimR, a professional Super Smash Bros. player, called “ULTIMATE’S META FINALLY CHANGES.” GimR divides the Slingshot into three different categories. The Flickshot, where you float backwards while facing forward. The Holdshot, which makes use of a small roll and hold of the analog stick to slingshot your character forward. And the Fullshot which is a deviation of the Holdshot. These techniques all fall under the term Slingshot and spread around the community via the video below. GimR also uses the video to introduce some practical uses of the technique.

The inputs for the Slingshot aren’t that complicated and some players were likely making use of it before it was even defined as a special technique. But with this video, GimR has provided players with a name and a thorough explanation of the phenomenon.

While it’s unclear whether the move will become a staple of the meta going forward, players like Nairo and VoiD are already in the lab seeing what can be done with it. The idea of a new technique likely has many players excited. At the very least, it may be a new movement option to throw your opponent off balance.