Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s hammer super jump glitch is grabbing attention online

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-04-11 19:41 JST)

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the latest big title from Nintendo that dropped just last month, and gamers have been hard at work discovering all that it has to offer. And it looks like one of these discoveries is a recently found glitch that allows players to skip boss battles.

On April 9, Twitter user @WaddleDX posted a video making use of the glitch. The video takes place on the buildings stage of World One – Natural Plains. A blue wall creates a makeshift battle area where Kirby fights a Wild Edge enemy to save the captured Waddle Dee.

Normally, the player would have to defeat the Wild Edge to make the blue wall disappear, making it possible to reach Waddle Dee. But in the video, Kirby performs an abnormally high jump, clearing the wall and reaching Waddle Dee without even fighting the Wild Edge. The stage is then continued like normal.

The hammer ability is required to perform the super jump. The standard ability and the upgraded versions each seem to work. Next, hover until Kirby runs out of breath. Then swing the hammer in midair and jump again to hover right when Kirby touches the ground. When performed correctly, Kirby will super jump high into the sky. It should also be noted that @WaddleDX does not appear to be the person that discovered the glitch.

By using this glitch, it can be possible to skip the mid-stage bosses on stages like The Battle of Blizzard Bridge for example. It can also be used to jump to areas you normally couldn’t enter or to go outside of the map all together. However, there are cases where the camera has trouble correctly following Kirby.

Swinging the hammer is somewhat unique in that it causes Kirby to perform a little hop as well. Perhaps the height limit set on hovering, Kirby being out of breath after hovering, and this little hop coming together has something to do with causing the glitch. On social media, we can see players feverishly looking into just what the cause is behind it.

Since the glitch makes it possible to skip boss battles, it seems likely that it could be used in speedrunning as well. As of now, the current record in the Any% category on doesn’t look to have made use of the glitch. However, as of this writing, Dangers, the holder of the number 2 spot, is looking for ways to make use of the hammer super jump, so maybe we’ll see it used to put together the optimal speedrunning route. Of course, there’s also the possibility that Nintendo releases a patch to fix it entirely.