Elden Ring speedrun record is now under 20 minutes with the old Ver.1.02.3

Written by. Ryuki Ishii based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-03-28 21:48 JST)

Speedrunner Distortion2 has broken the Elden Ring speedrun record yet again, finishing the game in just 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Two weeks have passed since he broke the 30 minutes mark, and now the game’s Any% Unrestricted category has entered new territory with his latest achievement.

Please be aware that this article contains spoilers and gameplay footage of Elden Ring.

Distortion2’s speedrun attempts center around the Wrong Warp glitch that uses the game’s Teleporters and the fast travel feature to teleport to a location you shouldn’t be able to warp to, and a recently found glitch called Zip Glitch that basically allows you to blink through space. He was using the old Ver.1.02.3, a build before the Hoarfrost Stomp skill got nerfed and a bug related to the Royal Knight’s Resolve skill was fixed.

As you can see from Distortion2’s clip on Twitch, he used the Zip Glitch right after reaching Limgrave, zapping through space to reach Stormhill in a matter of seconds. He continued his journey by pretty much skipping all the locations where it previously required a bit of time to traverse through. The glitch isn’t easy to pull off, so we can hear him making screaming sounds from time to time. Distortion2 managed to complete the run after 15 hours of trial and error, and it’s quite gratifying to hear his scream of joy at the end.

As a side note, the Zip Glitch can only be used in the Any% Unrestricted category on Speedrun.com since the reproductivity varies depending on each player’s PC environment. And since Distortion2’s time is not recorded on the website as of this writing, the current record holder remains to be Mitchriz, who some of you might know as the record holder of the blindfolded Sekiro speedrun.

The current record for the Any% category (Zip Glitch forbidden) is 26 minutes and 26 seconds by spicee, using the old Ver.1.02.3. The current record for the All Remembrances category that requires speedrunners to beat all major story bosses, is under 2 hours using the Pegasus Glitch. The record holder is Distortion2 with 108 minutes and 6 seconds. The runner-up Siegbruh is currently trying to beat the record, so we might see further development soon.