Splatoon 3: The Splash-o-matic dominates the Splatfest again in Japan

Splatoon 3’s third Splatfest has come to its conclusion. The theme this time around was “What’s your favorite taste sensation? Spicy, Sweet, or Sour?” and the Sweet team emerged victorious. This was also the first time that Frye’s team was the winner.

After the Splatfest, the top 100 players who earned the most Splatfest Power for their respective teams were officially revealed, including the weapons they used. During the previous two Splatfests, the Splash-o-matic and Sloshing Machine were very popular among the top players in Japan, and that trend continued with the third Splatfest.

When looking at the results for Japan, of the top ten players for each team (30 players in total), 17 of them used the Splash-o-matic and five used the Sloshing Machine. Out of all 300 top players, there were 134 who used the Splash-o-matic and 61 who used the Sloshing Machine.

The Splash-o-matic is a weapon that is lauded for its stable power, and many Japanese players continue to use it regularly. These players likely enjoy placing their trust in a weapon that relies heavily on their own ability to aim and control their character. The Sloshing Machine saw a small drop in popularity—most likely due to it being nerfed a little in a previous update—but it is still one of the most used weapons among the top players.

Although this latest Splatfest marked the first of Chill Season 2022, the new weapon types did not make a significant impact. Based on what I (the original author of this article) could confirm, out of the 300 top players, there were only ten who were using any of the new weapons. It seems that, at least for Splatfests, the popularity of the Splash-o-matic and Sloshing Machine will continue for some time to come.

Keep in mind that the numbers used to determine the Splatfest Top 100 are only based on players who participate in the Pro Splatfest Battle mode. From what I experienced when personally playing the Open and Tricolor modes, it felt like the new weapons were being used much more often.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: JST)