Explore a Japanese-style town in Little Kitty, Big City

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-11-14 15:12 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

On November 14, North American developer Double Dagger Studio officially announced their cat-adventure game Little Kitty, Big City. The game is planned to release on PC (Steam) and consoles in 2022.

The main character of this adventure is a little black kitten that’s lost in, well, a big city. Our feline friend needs to get home as soon as possible, but curiosity gets the best of this cat as it takes detours along the way exploring this unknown and tantalizing town.

Gameplay details haven’t been revealed yet, but the game appears to be focused around exploring the town, making friends, and ultimately finding your way home. The town itself appears to be very much Japan influenced with Japanese-style buildings, vending machines, convenience stores, little vegetable shops, shrines, and Japanese (looking) signage.

While exploring the town, it’s possible to converse with other animals such as the cats, dogs, and crows you meet along the way. Judging from the information available, it also seems likely that the other animals could act as quest givers for the adventure. There are scenes in the trailer of the little kitty carrying a fish in its mouth and capturing a tiny bird. As for the fish, it’s also possible to eat them, so maybe there’s a hunger mechanic planned.

The trailer also shows the kitten collecting a small spring, which appears to be part of the game’s collecting element with items like this scattered around town. The cat can also climb up patches of ivy to access verandas and roofs to collect more items. The extent to which players can explore seems pretty high.

Performing cat-like shenanigans also looks like an element of the gameplay. In the trailer and screenshots, the cat can be seen knocking potted plants off a fence, walking through paint and tracking paw prints around, jumping into carboard boxes at shops, and sleeping on top of clothes at the laundromat. There are people in the town as well, and depending on the location, may possibly throw you out.

*Footage of the game from June of this year.

There’s also an assortment of cute hats the kitten can wear. Perhaps collecting these hats in one way or another is an objective in the game.

Little Kitty, Big City is scheduled to release on PC (Steam) and consoles in 2022. However, the Steam page for the game does state, “Cat’s don’t have deadlines.”

*The developer’s cats, Mario and Roxy. It sounds like they are great supporters and reference material for all the cat antics in the game.