Monster Hunter Rise & Sunbreak DLC won’t support Cross-Play/Cross-Save

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-10-12 09:22 (JST)
Translated by. Ryuki Ishii

Capcom has announced through the official Monster Hunter Twitter account that cross-play and cross-save will not be implemented in Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak DLC. The official website also states that “this game does not support cross-play or cross-saves with other platforms.”

Monster Hunter Rise is currently available on Nintendo Switch. The PC version is set to launch in January of next year. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, a massive expansion, is scheduled to come out in summer 2022, which will be released for both Nintendo Switch and PC. Many fans have been asking for cross-play/cross-save support in anticipation of the PC launch.

Capcom reported that while they have heard the community’s requests, “after looking into it throughout the development process, we found we are unable to implement it this time.”

In the previous title, Monster Hunter: World and its expansion Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, cross-play/cross-save between PC-PS4-Xbox One were also not implemented. Even back then, players were asking for such features, but never came to fruition.

As for cross-play/cross-save between Nintendo Switch and PC, precedents do exist. For example, Among Us supports cross-play, and Hades supports cross-save. However, the situation for each title is different. Apparently, in Monster Hunter Rise’s case, implementing them was not possible.

Capcom didn’t say why, but the Nintendo Switch version and the PC version will likely have a different update schedule anyway. When it comes to the PC version, “the initial release will include all of the content of the Nintendo Switch version up to the end of November.” Monster Hunter Rise receives frequent updates, so it is quite possible that the Nintendo Switch version will have content that the PC version won’t have by the PC launch in January. I would imagine this difference will create difficulties as well.

That is just an assumption, and whatever the reason might be, we now know that cross-play/cross-save won’t happen, so we don’t have to keep our hopes up. The statement was quite upfront and sincere about it.

As a side note, Monster Hunter Double Cross supports cross-play between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS