Rune Factory 5 players’ grievances toward “slacking innkeeper” prompt update

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-06-04 22:15 (JST)
Translated by. Braden Noyes

On June 6, 2021, Marvelous released the latest Ver.1.0.3 update data for Rune Factory 5, the second update since the game launched in Japan. The Ver.1.0.3 update fixes a number of bugs, but it would seem it has also corrected the behaviors of a certain NPC as well, causing quite a stir within the community.

The latest update includes a number of minor bug fixes, but there is one section in the patch notes that stands out in particular: “Adjusted the action schedule so Murakumo remains at the inn for a longer period of time.”

Murakumo is the name of an NPC who appears in Rune Factory 5. He is a young were-animal who runs the inn located in Rigbarth (official English spelling may differ). Both bold and kind-hearted, he is quick to offer help to anyone who needs it. He is also one of the characters available to marry.

Tweet Translation:
A number of possible marriage prospects await in the town of Rigbarth. Will you find someone to your liking?

Murakumo (Japanese voice by Shunsuke Takeuchi) is a young were-animal who runs the local inn. He likes most anything big and strong, and is quite partial to Chinese cuisine.

Murakumo also plays a rather important role when it comes to this title’s gameplay. More specifically, he operates the inn’s bathhouse; an important means of recovery. In Rune Factory 5, performing any sort of action will result in the player consuming RP. Think of it as your character’s MP. Whereas HP can be restored in various ways, such as using medicinal items, the available methods for restoring RP are rather limited. It may recover slowly over time on its own, or by eating certain foods, but this doesn’t change the fact it is constantly being consumed.

This makes managing your RP rather important. Entering the bathhouse, however, will recover all of your RP at once. So whenever you need to soothe your weary body and extend your ability to perform actions, the bathhouse is an invaluable asset.

It would seem, however, that Murakumo doesn’t care much for the needs of the player. Despite the inn’s posted hours of operation being between 10 AM and 10 PM, he is often missing from his post. In the game, players are only able to enter the bathhouse by speaking with Murakumo. In other words, if he isn’t around, you’re not getting in.

However, Murakumo can often be found wandering around near the general store, relaxing somewhere high up where there’s a nice view, or simply never returning to the inn after his afternoon break. It’s hard to tell if he even has a set schedule. More than a few players have reported getting rather irritated after arriving at the inn only to realize Murakumo was nowhere to be found. Others are torn between liking Murakumo for his kind personality and getting angry at him for his deplorable work ethic. Rune Factory’s official Twitter account saw a flood of complaints regarding this NPC as well.

Murakumo relaxes in the sun during posted work hours as if he’s doing nothing wrong. Speaking to him, he replies, “Managing an inn sure is hard work.”

On this occasion, however, it seems the voices of the players may have been heard. Murakumo’s schedule has been updated, and he will now be present at the inn for an extended period of time. Apparently the influx of complaints from the players (ie., his main customers) have given this NPC cause to reflect on his work habits and change his ways. The patch notes don’t specify exactly how long he will now remain at the inn, but at the very least, it is unlikely players will have to deal with him going missing in the afternoon quite as often.

The Rune Factory series has had its fair share of eccentric characters, leaving players inconvenienced whenever these NPCs decide to up and disappear from shops and the like whenever it pleases them. When it comes to this latest title, however, the recent update has altered Murakumo’s behavior. Without a doubt, this and the many bug fixes are sure to make this game much easier to play.

Rune Factory 5 is now available in Japan for the Nintendo Switch, with a global release planned for early 2022.