Genshin Impact’s Nahida generates record revenue, according to third-party sales data site

HoYoverse recently released Genshin Impact’s version 3.2 update, titled “Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises,” on November 2. As part of the update, Nahida was one of the new playable characters added to the game. Not only is the adorable Nahida a character beloved by many players, but she also appears to be driving growth in the game’s revenue.

*Please be aware that this article contains information regarding Genshin Impact’s latest update and may contain spoilers.

In Genshin Impact, new characters are generally obtained via Wishes, the game’s gacha system. Players hoping to get their hands on Nahida must try their luck at the limited-time Character Event Wish “The Moongrass’ Enlightenment.” This Event Wish has a large drop-rate boost for the character and is also currently the only way to obtain her.

The abundance of posts about Nahida on social media show just how popular she is, and based on the numbers from Genshin Impact data collection site GenshinLab, this popularity has also led to high sales.

The data that GenshinLab uses in its sales charts is estimated based on data obtained from the iOS App Store in the China market. Of particular note is the “Genshin Impact Characters Revenue Chart by Banner Date.” Looking at the first-day sales of the Event Wish that includes Nahida, we can see that they are higher than any other Event Wish to date.

Specifically, in the first day that Nahida was available, Genshin Impact recorded sales of approximately $5.25 million. This number surpassed the previous first-day high of approximately $5.10 million that was recorded after the Venti rerun Event Wish in 2021. Furthermore, the sales over the five days after Nahida’s Event Wish began totaled approximately $22.63 million, a number that topped the immensely popular Raiden Shogun by around $1.25 million.

Image Credit: GenshinLab

It is important to keep in mind that the data collected by GenshinLab is limited to the China market, but considering Nahida’s tremendous popularity, it’s quite likely that a similar trend has occurred worldwide. The sheer amount of money being generated by Nahida has drawn a lot of notice from the fan community in places such as Reddit and has even been covered by gaming sites like Game Rant.

As for the reason that Nahida has been able to capture the hearts of players, one major factor is that she is one of the Archons in the game. Each region in the game has its own archon who controls that region’s associated element. The aforementioned characters Venti and Raiden Shogun are also Archons. Not only are these characters deeply involved with the storylines of their respective regions, but they also boast impressive combat ability. Nahida is no exception, with many players having a great deal of praise for her battle ability shortly after she was released.

And we also can’t overlook the fact that Nahida is, quite simply, cute. There are likely many players who are pouring everything they have into the Event Wish just for the chance to adventure with such a cute companion.

Nahida can be obtained via The Moongrass’ Enlightenment wish event, which is scheduled to end on November 18.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-11-08 13:21 JST)