Fire Emblem Engage protagonist’s quirky hairdo is mocked by fans

Nintendo announced Fire Emblem Engage during Nintendo Direct 9.13.2022. It will be released for the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. While a huge number of fans were overjoyed by the announcement of the newest entry in the beloved series, there were a number who couldn’t help but be curious about the design and color scheme of the new protagonist, Twinfinite reports.

Fire Emblem Engage is set on Elyos, a continent composed of four kingdoms that surround a holy land, and depicts the story of brand-new protagonist Alear, a divine dragon. Alear has been asleep for 1,000 years following the defeat of the fell dragon but must now cooperate with their allies to prevent the fell dragon’s resurrection. Past characters from the Fire Emblem series can also be summoned to fight alongside Alear.

Despite being a divine dragon, Alear takes on a human appearance, and while the Alear shown in the trailer is a young man, the game’s key visual also shows that there is a female version of the character. Alear’s design is characterized by their elegant facial features and sophisticated clothing, but one aspect that stands out above all else is the color scheme.

Alear sports a vibrant mixture of red and blue, not only on their outfit, but even their hair and eyes. This striking color scheme quickly became a joke among fans, evoking images of a variety of similarly colored things. One prominent example is toothpaste, with fans posting tweets comparing Alear’s red and blue image to that of Colgate and Aquafresh.

A number of other characters that have predominantly red and blue color schemes, like Kamen Rider Build, Kikaider, and Pepsiman, have also been compared to Alear, so at least the new character is in good company.

Some also found the combination of red, blue, and white to be reminiscent of the national flags of a number of countries, like the US, France, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the Philippines. It’s clear that the combination of red and blue is a universally popular one.

Even when I (the original author of this article) first saw Alear, I thought of things such as 3D glasses, the north and south poles of a magnet, and castanets. Alear may soon become just one more of the many red and blue things that we find so familiar.

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-09-14 13:52 JST)