Pixel art open world RPG Oblige Of CHAOS coming to Steam on September 1

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-08-02 19:02 JST)

Japanese game developer MaaSA91 has announced that Oblige Of CHAOS will launch on September 1 (JST) for PC (Steam).

Oblige Of CHAOS is a top-down action RPG where players are free to adventure through its open pixel art world. Players choose their character between a knight, ninja, cleric, hunter, bandit, sorceress, thief, or deprived and use weapons, spells, and jumps to explore a world filled with monsters.

A variety of locations from grassy plains and poisonous swamps to deserts, volcanos, and frozen lakes await in Oblige Of CHAOS, and it’s possible to explore all of these areas from the start of the game. Each area of the world has its own gimmicks and bosses, and the game gives players freedom in how they adventure and solve puzzles.

The game also has what it called Elemental Reactions, which is a system where enemies and objects in the world react to the player. For example, you can cut grass, burn trees, or turn apples into juice. The meat of defeated enemies can be cooked and eaten to restore health and some actions can cause slime enemies to divide into more slimes. It looks like there are a variety of reactions that can occur based on what the player does. It also seems to play an important role in puzzle solving such as chests that can only be opened by specific elements.

Players level up by performing actions like using their weapons and spells, unlocking doors, and discovering books. Player behavior can also increase the spawn rate of stronger enemies, which when combined with what was mentioned above, makes it sound like player behavior will influence both your character and the game itself. Other mechanics include a crafting system that uses gathered items and a fast travel system that’s always available. Players also lose their gear upon death which adds tension to the combat.

Oblige Of CHAOS is being made by the solo game developer MaaSA91. Judging from their tweets,, the game is being made in Unity with development likely beginning in March of 2018 at the latest. The official Twitter account contains a number of videos of the game over the course of its development.

Oblige Of CHAOS is coming to PC (Steam) on September 1 (JST).