Superpower simulator Project SPS has been announced for Steam

Written by. Marco Farinaccia based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: JST)

Indie-us Games has announced Project SPS for Steam.

Project SPS is a 3D action game being developed around the concept of a “Superpower Simulator.” The game takes place on a planet that used to be home to a civilization far more advanced than that of modern-day earth. However, due to a major incident caused by an explosion 500 years ago, the planet’s civilization fell into ruin. Following the incident, fiendish mutants began to appear and still plague the survivors to this day.

The protagonist of the game is an ordinary university student who leads an uneventful life. One day, he gets caught in a meteor strike and awakens to find himself on a different planet and in the possession of special abilities. He fights against the monsters that run rampant and becomes a hero of this strange planet.

The trailer and screenshots for the game show the protagonist fighting enemies using a variety of superhero style abilities. He can fly through the sky, release lightning attacks, create shards of ice in mid-air, and even shoot beams from his eyes. He uses all of these varied abilities to battle giant enemies while avoiding their attacks. The game lets players fly around the world freely and experience what it’s like to be a powerful superhuman.

Project SPS developer Indie-us Games is a company out of Osaka, Japan that specializes in Unreal Engine and has been a development partner on a number of games, including Scarlet Nexus. An original game made by the studio called TrinityS is currently available via Early Access on Steam.

One of the members of Indie-us Games working on Project SPS is @UMA_Hero_16, a developer who previously worked on the superhero game UNDEFEATED while studying at Vantan Game Academy, a school in Osaka, Japan that provides a variety of entertainment-related courses including game development. In the description for the Project SPS trailer, it says, “In 2019, our release “UNDEFEATED” was downloaded 1.44 million times. This is our way of giving back to hero lovers around the world.”

The Steam page for Project SPS can be found here.