Massage Freaks is a bishoujo rhythm game coming to Nintendo Switch August 4

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-07-14 11:12 JST)

qureate officially announced Massage Freaks on July 14 (JST). The game is a download only title coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 4 for $27.99. The game is described as a heart pounding rhythm game for gentlemen, with screenshots being revealed alongside the announcement that look to toe the line of what most digital storefronts will allow.

Massage Freaks is a rhythm game where players perform massages on various girls. The game’s protagonist, Atsushi Yubihara, is cleaning a massage parlor that was operated by his late grandfather when he meets a talking cat named Momiji. But during the surprise encounter, debt collectors come to the parlor demanding payment for his grandfather’s debts. Atsushi must use the mysterious techniques he learns from Momiji to make enough money to pay back the loans in one month.

In Massage Freaks, girls with various worries visit the parlor. By using the previously mentioned hidden massage techniques, players will relieve these customers of their troubles and increase their affection toward Atsushi. Kill two birds with one stone by earning money and falling in love while doing it.

Atsushi’s secret technique lies in massaging to the rhythm of the music customers subliminally want to hear. This technique will heal them both inside and out. By pressing the appropriate buttons in time with the music, players will massage to the rhythm. The game features over 50 songs, and the official website describes the genre as “A rhythm game that rings throughout the body!” We can only wonder what they mean by that.

qureate is a publisher known for making lewd games. Led by Bullet Girls and Omega Labyrinth creator Yuujirou Usuda, the company continues to release lewd games to Nintendo Switch and Steam. This includes Duel Princess which must have stepped over the line as it was removed from the Nintendo eShop just two weeks after being released.

Massage Freaks also features dates that take place outside of the massage parlor. The website says players will “get a glimpse of sides to them you wouldn’t see at the parlor, hear their troubles, and see unexpected things that would leave most men standing in excitement!” Once again, all we can do is wonder. In addition, some screenshots posted from the game have censors that say, “we can’t show this!” Wherever the line is for what can be shown, qureate seems determined to tiptoe right up to it. It will be interesting to see what happens with the game once it’s released.

Massage Freaks is coming to the Nintendo Switch as a download only title on August 4. The official website can be found here.