Resonance of the Ocean is a soothing game about answering back to echoes heard from across the ocean

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2022-06-18 19:47 JST)

Japanese game developer Image Labo opened a Steam page for Resonance of the Ocean on June 18 and plans to release the game on July 9 (JST). Resonance of the Ocean was previously released on the Japanese website unityroom in May, but the upcoming Steam version features some updates and an English localization.

Resonance of the Ocean is a short adventure game about answering back to echoes heard from across the ocean. The game takes place on a desolate island. While there are worn down houses and an old lighthouse, there are no other people around. Players will hear strange echoes coming from across the sea along with the peaceful movement of the waves. The main character searches for a better place to hear these sounds and arrives at the edge of the island where they decide to answer back to the echoes. You don’t know who or what is making these mysterious sounds but will communicate with sounds of your own.

Items will wash up on shore that players can use to make sound. You may find an empty can or a bamboo flute to make sound with, and by using a device provided at the old lighthouse, will use these items to replicate the sound you hear and respond.

Saying you search the island would be generous as the play area is very limited making items easy to find. As you listen and respond to the echoes, more sounds are added, and you’ll have to combine items together to match what you hear. As your audio exchange goes on, the source of the mysterious echoes starts to be revealed.

The game can be completed in around 10 to 30 minutes. While there may not be any flashy developments, hearing the lonely sounds echoing across the desolate island and adding your own sounds to the mix may resonate (pun intended) with you.

The game’s base was made for a one-week game jam held in May of this year. Image Labo’s Muji handled the illustrations and “other stuff,” with Heaviside Creations’ Tarahiro programming the game and Yuji Ninomiya acting as the game’s composer. After the initial release on unityroom, the scenario and ending were updated and the number of items to find was increased. The upcoming Steam version goes a step further and is adding an English localization.

Muji is currently working on an adventure game where players follow trails of light called Recolit, along with artwork for the visual novel The witch of the ihanashi and the puzzle platformer Invercity. Tarahiro’s group Heaviside Creations previously released the RPGs LIVE IN DUNGEON and PIANOFORTE. Heaviside Creations is currently working on Tokyo Coffee Pandechika, a nostalgic coffee game that takes place during a pandemic.

Resonance of the Ocean is scheduled to release July 9, 2022, on Steam. A browser version is currently available in Japanese on unityroom.