Needy Streamer Overload surpasses 200,000 sales and a troupe of buff dudes dance to celebrate

Needy Streamer Overload has sold over 200,000 copies, and it looks like someone (likely the developer or the publisher themselves considering the timing of the announcement) has commissioned a video of some buff guys congratulating OMGkawaiiAngel-chan, a character from the game, in Japanese, followed by some dancing.

NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD launched on January 21 andis a streamer-raising adventure game that follows the daily life of Ame-chan, an aspiring live streamer with a desperate need for social acceptance. You play as Ame-chan’s “P,” her producer and a significant other. Your initial goal is to guide her to become “the #1 Internet Angel (Streamer)” by raising her follower count to 1 million within a month.

The celebratory video was provided by a non-profit organization from Japan called World Smile and their Surprise Video from Around the World project. The World Smile website says the aim of the project is to provide money to people and families in impoverished nations, and they offer a selection of video types that can be commissioned by people in Japan. The money from these commissions is then used to support those World Smile is trying to help.

The Surprise Video from Around the World project has actually gained some popularity in Japan having provided videos that have appeared on various news shows and networks. It sounds like something similar to Cameo, where someone might commission a celebrity to make a short video for a friend, except with the money going to those in need.

Needy Streamer Overload developer WSS Playground released a tweet of their own to mark the occasion by thanking fans for all the support, streams, reviews, and fanart. They are also working on a Steam profile background to celebrate. Reactions have been positive for Needy Streamer Overload with the game having over 5,800 user reviews on Steam and a rating of “Overwhelmingly Positive.”

Needy Streamer Overload is now available on PC (Steam).