Egglia Rebirth announced for Nintendo Switch in Japan, launching in December [UPDATE]

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-11-19 00:00 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

[UPDATE 2021/11/19 14:30 JST]
Brownies confirmed that they plan to release Egglia Rebirth in “Europe/Australia, Korea, HongKong, Americas” as well.

[Original Text]
On November 19 (JST), Brownies announced Egglia Rebirth for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game will be digital download only, and is set to launch on December 16, for 2,200 yen (roughly $20). The game supports both Japanese and English.

Egglia Rebirth is a turn-based RPG being developed by Brownies. The original version, called Egglia: Legend of the Redcap, released for smartphones in 2017, with service quickly coming to an end in August of 2018. A new version of the game called Egglia: The Final Egg launched in Japan on the same day. Similarly, an offline version called Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Offline launched in the West.

In the world of Egglia, various tribes used to live in harmony. But in order avoid the destruction of the kingdom, the land was seal away in a bunch of eggs. As time passed, one little island remained, and that’s where a demon who lost his memory named Chabo and an elf named Robin meet. From there, the two set out on an adventure with their companions to bring back the world that was sealed away in the eggs.

One special trait of the game is the world map building. When you start the game, the world is totally blank. As you progress the story and complete quests, you obtain the Niebel eggs that the world was sealed in. When you split open the forest, lake, and sea eggs, you’re free to place them on the map as you please. As you connect the world in order to meet certain conditions, secret areas will also appear.

When the world inside the eggs is released, it brings with it numerous monsters and plants, so freely explore and collect unknown resources. The game also has a dice-based battle system where the power of your attacks changes based on what you roll.

It’s possible to develop the town that acts as your home base via the various resources you collect. At first it looks like an empty plot of land, but it slowly develops into a bustling town with a variety of shops and characters. The town building is another notable aspect of the game.

The Nintendo Switch version drops the touch controls of the original in favor of a controller. With this, the controls become more intuitive, and it’s now possible to freely walk around town. Along with the new control scheme is an overhaul of the UI. They also say that the battles and items have been tuned to be appropriate for a console release.

As for new stuff, the game will feature 20 new events not present in the original, and there will be new residents and companions in the town. Furthermore, the backgrounds and character movement will also be depicted in more detail, which will likely make the story more immersive.

Egglia Rebirth will be the first title that Brownies has published. Shinichi Kameoka acted as the game’s director and character designer, while background art was handled by Koji Tsuda. The game is being developed by staff known for titles such as the Mana series and Magical Starsign. The game looks to be receiving a number of improvements and new features, so we’re looking forward to checking it out.