Pokémon Unite lowers Rotom weekly mission’s requirements

On November 16, the Pokémon Unite official Twitter account notified players of an update to the weekly battle pass mission requiring players to knockout Rotom a total of 60 times. That number has  been reduced from 60 to 15. The tweet goes on to explain that if you’ve already knocked out Rotom over 15 times, one more Rotom knockout will complete the mission so you can claim your battle pass reward.

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play MOBA developed by TiMi Studio Group in collaboration with The Pokémon Company and has been downloaded over 25 million times across Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms. Like many free-to-play titles, the game makes use of multiple in-game currencies and battle passes to reward progression.

Pokémon Unite also features daily, weekly, and seasonal missions to level up your battle pass and receive rewards. But as the game enters its second season, the aforementioned weekly battle pass mission has been criticized for being too time consuming and disruptive to the core game.

Rotom is a special wild Pokémon in Pokémon Unite that spawns on the map for both teams to battle over at the 7:00 minute mark, and respawns every 2 minutes after being defeated until the 2:00 minute mark. Rotom spawns on the top lane and will support the team that defeats it in securing points at the nearest goal.

The problem with the mission lies in what’s counted as a knockout. To be the player that gets the knockout and increases your count toward the mission, you have to get the last hit on Rotom. In a 5v5 match where multiple players and teams are fighting to get the last hit on one Pokémon, even knocking out Rotom just a handful of times is difficult. Rotom also spawns on the top lane, so players looking to complete the mission may have to leave the bottom lane or areas they should be in to help win the match just to get a shot at knocking it out.

It looks like the development team also sees why this mission would be particularly difficult for players and lowered the required number of knockouts to 15. Between forcing players to sacrifice good positioning for a shot at Rotom and appearing to put hefty challenges between players and their battle pass rewards, the decision is easy to understand.

Pokémon Unite is now on its second season with an assortment of new outfits and holowear being added to the game. The fan favorite Decidueye is also scheduled to join the game’s roster on November 19.