The absurd comedy visual novel Furikake Spacy is set to launch in late November

Publication date of the original Japanese article: 2021-11-07 18:28 (JST)
Translated by. Nick Mosier

Japanese doujin group Yontontomatine has announced that Furikake Spacy (ふりかけ☆スペイシー) will go on sale “around the end of November” on PC (via Steam, BOOTH, and DLsite). The title only supports Japanese and will cost 1500 yen (around $13.00) on Steam but is undecided on other platforms. The brief trailer below was released alongside the announcement.

Furikake Spacy is a neo-Showa (think the 80’s) comedy visual novel that is depicted with retro anime inspired visuals. The main character is Saatan. She’s a fish headband wearing, goth and otaku 20-year-old that failed her college entrance exams twice. She’s the type of person that gets caught up in a lot of trouble, and one day finds herself sucked into a mysterious wormhole that takes her to Neo Showa.

There she meets Kyougane Kagami, a high school girl that puts crawfish in her cake she made during cooking class, Raidein Ryuuko, a girl that can shoot beams from her hands, and the rest of the game’s wacky cast.

Hell, outer space, the body of a child, Saatan and company destroy all manner of things. Uncover the mysteries of this world by shooting fish-beams from your headband, venturing inside the lord of the underworld’s 6-year-old daughter’s body, sneaking out at night, and solving puzzles with vomit and diarrhea.

Along with the retro-inspired illustrations and animations, the game looks like a chaos filled homage to the 80’s. It will contain 7 episodes, the Neo Showa Dictionary to explain more about the world of Neo Showa, and boasts having a minigame that will move players to tears.

The game is being developed by the doujin group Yontontomatine. The credits in the trailer list tnhr from Yamunyan School  (ヤムニャン学園) as a game planner/scenario writer and Hiyama Bataan, a manga artist, as a game planner/scenario writer/illustrator/animator for the game. Furikake Spacy will also have original music from Ocirco Records artist, Taroomi.

Furikake Spacy is planned to release “around the end of November.” And according to earlier tweets, they are planning to distribute a physical release at Comiket 99.