Fight Crab developer shows off a sea lion fighting game prototype

Fight Crab developer Nusso recently posted a video of a prototype of a sea lion fighting game to Twitter. The video, which features sea lions holding swords in their mouths and fighting in a ring, has garnered over 90,000 views and 200,000 impressions as of this writing.

Tweet Translation:
I made a prototype of a sea lion fighting game, but it didn’t turn out very pretty.

When looking at the video we can see things like little knight characters riding on the backs of the sea lions and a countdown that starts when a sea lion is knocked on its back. It gives the impression that progress had been made on the games setting and mechanics. Additionally, Nusso tweeted that part of Fight Crab’s difficult controls came from controlling two weapons, so there was significance in making a game where players used just one.

Nusso is a developer that makes games based on marine life such as NEO AQUARIUM, Ace of Seafood, and Fight Crab. They are currently developing a follow-up to their 3D crab battler Fight Crab.

Tweet Translation:
Sea lion fighting game is currently running in Fight Crab 2, so it has Fight Crab’s rules. If I were to make the game in earnest, it would have rules more appropriate for sea lions and become something else. (For example, I don’t think a 3 count is appropriate to decide a sea lion fight.)”

Fight Crab is available on PC (Steam/, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

Written by. Nick Mosier based on the original Japanese article (original article’s publication date: 2023-04-24 10:24 JST)